Mice in Your Home

Up to 95% of homes throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding metro areas have mice.

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Mice and Disease

Mice can carry a wide range of diseases, some of which are serious causes for concern for homeowners throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Rodent Problems

Rodents are a serious problem and can cause significant damage to your home.

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Since 1993

Rodents Found in Wisconsin

Rats and mice are the two most common rodents found here in southeastern Wisconsin, specifically the Norway rat and house mouse. Unsurprisingly, these are also the most common rodents when it comes to creating problems within your home. We also deal frequently with voles, which are very similar to and frequently confused with mice. Voles are not as frequent of a pest within homes, however, and tend to do more external damage to yards, plants and trees. Shrews and moles are also included in our rodent control programs, and while much less common, can still create problems for homeowners here in southeastern Wisconsin.

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Controlling Rodents

Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control offers an Exterior Rodent Control (ERC) program to help keep these pests out of your home. The ERC program is proven to be successful both in eliminating a population of rodents within your home as well as preventing future rodent entry. For more information about our External Rodent Control program, give us a call today!