Do you know that 90-95% of homes have mice?

Up to 95% of homes have mice! However, it is not always easy to tell that mice may have taken up residence. They are nocturnal creatures, avoid bright light when possible, and are only active for half the day. Often, you will not see the mouse itself, but rather the evidence it leaves behind. Droppings are a clear sign that your home likely has mouse activity. These droppings are small and pellet shaped, similar in size and appearance to a grain of rice. Another potential sign of mouse activity in your home is a loud scratching noise heard in walls or ceilings during the night. These noises can be much louder than what you would expect to hear from such a small animal. Gnawing on boxes, or grease tracks around areas of travel are also a possible indication of mice. Food items that have been gnawed on or have had the packaging gnawed on should be thrown away, as mice and mice residue can harbor many diseases.