The most important aspect of our External Rodent Control (ERC) program is finding the rodents’ entry locations and sealing off these areas. Most of our competitors don’t offer this type of service, but it is a key component of our program. Sometimes, finding the entry points can be very easy; other times, it can be the most challenging part of the service.

Rodents are primarily ground dwellers and will travel around your foundation looking for holes or gaps that allow them to enter into your warm and cozy home. However, mice are great acrobats and will jump, climb walls, trees and chimneys to access your roof. They have even been known to climb up brick walls to gain entry. There are many possibilities for these little critters to find an opening into your attic, and they only need around a quarter of an inch to gain entry.

When we do locate the holes, we use proper sealing materials such as sheet metal, caulk, or heavy wire mesh to close up the entry points and prevent rodent reentry. We offer several different sealing services for everything ranging from minor holes to whole house preventative sealing.

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